Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files with data fragments that you store on your computer, tablet, phone (hereinafter “device”). When you visit sites, saved cookies can be used to restore user data – such as names, passwords and any other information that you save when you visit a site. Gamergod can record certain fragments of information whenever you visit our sites, services or applications. Cookies help us determine your device and your browser, which allows us to increase the quality of service.

Types of cookies

We use cookies of the following categories:



Security These files are needed to enable users’ login and protect their accounts from unauthorized access. In the HSID and SID files, the information about web sessions and personal identification data is stored in an encrypted form;



These files are necessary for opening modal windows, using filters and applications. Removing or prohibiting the provision of such cookies may prevent users from using the site;



These files tell us about troubles that users face while visiting the site. Cookies of session make it easier to find errors and technical issues;



Analytics Thanks to cookies of analytics, we collect and process information about viewed pages, sessions’ duration, and frequently used tools. This helps us optimize the site and applications performance;



Preferences Storing such information as a country of residence, preferred language, display resolution, time zone, locale, and personal currency settings, we show users the most suitable offers and improve their on-site experience. Removing, changing or prohibiting the provision of NID cookies will make the site less convenient to use;



Advertising We use cookies of this type to analyze our marketing campaigns and, as a result, make for friendly advertisement. Thanks to them, we can adjust ads to fit the users’ interests. You can unsubscribe from receiving promotional offers in the Gamergod profile settings.

How does Gamergod use your cookies?

  • Cookies make for a faster and safer login. You will not have to update a session before each site use.
  • To increase safety of your account. If you use cookies while your session is interrupted using your personal data, we will notify you about it.
  • To understand your interests and preference improving the overall quality of service.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns, conduct a general analysis of information received.
  • Cookies are required for the correct work of many elements, services or applications of the site.

How to disable or restrict the use of cookies

You are free to block, delete or disable Cookies via your device or the browser you are using, manage your cookies in the settings and follow the directions and prompts, with information for the user of your device or browser. It is important to know that Cookies are required to correctly work a large part of the functionality of the site, services and applications, if you disable them, you will not be able to use these tools. Also you may be required to confirm your login and password more frequently to update the browsing session.

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