EQ2: SOE Unveils Huge New Options for Players

A huge bomb was dropped by Sony Online Entertainment as Gamergod met them in San Francisco to discuss the big announcement.

I sat down and spoke with Greg Short of SOE (you may remember him from Casters Realm), and he unloaded the big surprise.

Well it’s a doozy! Sony will be offering a brand new set of features to EQ2 players. Web Services will include many features that players have had to go out and seek elsewhere & until now.

Every guild will receive a free website. Wait, I’m serious! And that is not even half of it.

Each Guild site will include for free:

A roster that updates automatically from the game itself including; guild ranking, character name, class, etc. It will be everything a guild could want in a roster.

Each guild will receive a customized domain name; something like

You will not have to be an artist to spruce up your site … wait, spruce it up? Yes! It will allow customization and layout options of your choice! You can choose the layout what you want to go where, a number of art features and if you are not good at art yourself, no problem. There is also an art tool built-in with many features, allowing you to make your site perfect for your guild.

Guild leaders have no fear. They thought of you too!

You can give powers to your officers or members, decide who can edit and see what and even assign jobs to teams if you wish. Want one person to update news? Go ahead, assign it. Want one person to moderate? NO problem. It’s all part of this new free system.

Players weren’t forgotten either. Have your own character generated onto a paper-doll page with your name and information. Even load up an image of you in game doing whatever you wish.

There is a premium service offered as well. Actually, there are up to 4 of them.

Each costing only 99 cents more a month or 2.99 a month for all 4.

1. Enhanced Items Data Search – Want to know what is in game, what items are available? Look no further. EQ2 will list them all for Free, but for 99cents more you can even know all their stats and skill qualifiers!

2. Advanced Player Info – Want to display your full inventory, stats, and even your bank inventory? For 99 cents you can. This can easily be added to the free paper-doll page of yourself and allow you to list it on your guild site or personal page, keeping it up-to-date automatically.

3. Advanced Image Storage – Want to take 50 screenshots of yourself, record all your statistics, how often you died, where you leveled, how fast you leveled, what rank you were compared to others in leveling speed, and even the ratio of your damage per deaths? It is all there and more. EQ2 will keep a running list of who is doing the best at everything and show a top 10 of it. To see where exactly you are is only 99 cents more a month. It will also list alts, and other character statistics like how much money you’ve earned and so on.

But, don’t worry. You will be allowed to decide if you want to show the world, your guild, or keep it private.

4. Advanced Guild Info – Want a wall of fame? Ranking of your guild members? How about see who is doing the best at everything, or even who dies the most? How about in-game guild voice-chat while you are offline via a chat tool accessible by any computer?

Just to make sure I list all statistics featured here they are in order:

– Most Kills
– Most Deaths
– Most Kills Per Death
– NPC That Has Made the Most Kills
– Most Quests Completed
– Highest Guild Status
– Highest Social Status
– Wealthiest Players

Al of this will be listed!

Or, how about looking at a graph of how many are online, what classes and what ratio of class types are online at any time?

All this can be done with 99 cents a month.

EQ2 has literally provided it all for their players and taken it even out of game to ensure that EQ2 players have everything they wish for, to enhance being part of this new level of MMORPG experience.

It’s a new generation of MMORPGs and EQ2 comes out swinging with new standards for player service!

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