Legend’s Wake and Wrath Badge Boost Bundle - Buy 20 kill + 4k badges

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What you get

  • Legend’s Wake and Wrath Badges for 20 kills and 4000 damage dealt in one game
  • EXP for your account and battle pass
  • All related rewards
  • Increased K/D/A stats

About the service

The service solves two tasks in one go. Legend’s Wake and Wrath badges are ideal to be acquired in the same game. To get these cosmetics, a player must perform 20 kills and deal 4K damage during one game. It’s not an easy task. Unlocking these achievements may take many hours or days if the player doesn’t know the strategy and lacks the required experience in Apex Legends. Spending time without a result leads to frustration. Legend’s Wake and Wrath Badge Boost Bundle is the service you need.

Legend’s Wake and Wrath Badge Boost Bundle

Like many modern games, Apex Legends has various badges. A player can use them to display on his banner. They denote the player’s skill and experience. But he must unlock them first by completing specific challenges. Some badges are pretty difficult to receive. Legend’s Wake and Wrath are among them. The first one requires making 20 kills, and the second – dealing 4K damage, both in one game. You can complete the objectives separately, but a smart person can notice that it’s better to complete both during one game. Anyhow, this task is not for beginners. Only experienced players are capable of performing that well. Even they can face obstacles on the way to success.

Benefits of the service

Receiving Legend’s Wake and Wrath is the main goal of the service. You can use them on your banner afterward. Besides the main reward, you will get experience for your account and battle pass.


This service can only be provided in the piloted mode. This requirement ensures that the badges will be obtained the fastest way possible. You can watch boosters doing their thing via stream – it’s entertaining and spectacular.

Why you need the service

Legend’s Wake and Wrath Badge Boost Bundle is a must-have solution for players seeking to acquire badges. Obtaining them solo may take a long time, and it’s not guaranteed. During the process, you can feel frustrated by other teammates intentionally or unintentionally stealing kills. Our boosting team is ready to help you avoid this and other frustrating situations. Our boosters have developed an optimal way to acquire the badges. Receiving the badges separately would cost more, which is why this service saves money, too. There’s no need to waste time trying. Purchasing Legend’s Wake and Wrath Badge Boost Bundle saves a lot of time and nerves.


Apex Legends Account
Piloted only

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this boosting service safe?

Yes, we take every precaution to ensure the safety of your account. Our boosters are verified professionals who only utilize legitimate gameplay to earn your badges.

How long does it take?

Our experts can reliably earn the 20 kills and 4k damage within just 1-3 matches. With efficient service, expect completion within 3 hours.

Which legends can you earn the badges on?

You choose any legend you want when ordering! Our boosters are skilled with every character.

Can you boost on console?

Yes we boost on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. All platforms are supported.

Do you provide progress updates?

We provide real-time progress notifications and updates through your personal client area and Discord.

What happens if you can’t earn the badges?

With our boosters’ skill level, this is extremely unlikely. But if for any reason we could not complete the boost, we provide a money back guarantee.

Can I watch my boost live?

You can add on the live streaming option to spectate the boosting directly through Twitch.

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