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Buy Apex damage badges to get one of the rarest damage badges in Apex Legends. Decorate your profile with an impressive badges that makes you happy and intimidates your opponents.

4k Badge

  • Available for all legends
  • Deal 4000 damage
  • All Legends Wrath badges



3k Badge

  • Available for all legends
  • Deal 3000 damage
  • 2k & 2.5k badges included



2.5k Badge

  • Available for all legends
  • Deal 2500 damage
  • 2k damage included



2k Badge

  • Available for all legends
  • Deal 2000 damage
  • Chance to get better badges



You can find the Legends Wrath badges, ranging from high to low level, on GamerGod. If you don't need the absolute best and an easy option is enough, we can help. Skip the tedious shooting and save your nerves. Purchase Apex Legends Damage Badges boost now and earn one of these badges within an hour:

  • Legend Wrath I - Deal 2,000 damage in one game
  • Legend Wrath II - Deal 2,500 damage in one game
  • Legend Wrath III - Deal 3,000 damage in one game
  • Legend Wrath IV - Deal 4,000 damage in one game

If you have any other questions about our services, chat with us! Our experts provide 24/7 online support and can help with any questions. Even late at night, you can confidently purchase Apex Wraith Wrath boost, and we'll start your order within 15 minutes.


What is Damage badges in Apex?

Damage badges is an achievements you get for completing something in the game. To get it, you need to deal 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000 damage in one game. Not everyone can do this but many want to decorate their profile with this rare badge.

How to get Damage Badges in Apex?

To get Damage Badges in Apex you need to deal a specific amount of damage in one game, depending on the level you want. The Legend's Wrath IV is from dealing 4k damage, specifically needed for the highest level of this badge. Getting this badge yourself requires high skill and dedication. You'd have to spend time watching tutorials, mastering your chosen legend's play style, and learning the best drop locations. This takes time, so if you prefer, you can save time by buying our Apex Legends Damage Badges service.

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