Why the WoW Expansion May Be Your Time To Get Into WoW

Not playing World of Warcraft yet? This could be the perfect starting point for you. You may be wondering, isn’t the expansion for players that are already level 60? Shouldn’t expansions be meant for the current player base and not new players? Won’t I be starting behind the power curve?

Tons of Stuff

Quests to do, monsters to kill, places to visit, and content in general is all categorized as “stuff.” Stuff is what MMORPGs thrive on. A game without stuff is a game that loses players to other games that have more stuff. WoW is split at level 60 between the hardcore and the more casual players. Casual players don’t have anything casual left to do, and hardcore players are running out of raiding content.

Wouldn’t this be the point of releasing an expansion? Won’t more people then have things to do? Isn’t the announced expansion all about stuff for bored level 60’s? While the Burning Crusade expansion will be all about stuff, Blizzard is going in depth to ensure there is plenty of new life added to the lower level game.

Replay Value

World of Warcraft in general is a game that can be experienced more than once. Playing multiple characters (also known as alts) has been a valid play style for many WoW addicts. Blizzard has stated the expansion is going to offer these players a lot of new things to see and do in the low and mid-level zones.

Also, they will introduce two new races. This is the first selling point for you to get involved with WoW. While some bored level 60’s will be racing for the new level cap of 70, there will be many more restarting with the new races to experience the new lower end content. With WoW’s much easier leveling curve and more friendly leveling style, starting over for experienced players is another way to enjoy the game.

Too many MMORPGs have empty and barren new player areas even after expansions are released, because the expansions usually only focus on end-game stuff. WoW is looking to reverse this trend by integrating expansion content into the existing world and providing plenty of low to mid-level filler.

Veteran Experience

This is why the expansion is such a great time to start experiencing WoW. Veteran players will be in and out of the newbie areas all the time, as they not only roll new characters, but also dig in deep to discover new expansion content. This means as a new player you will hopefully have quite a few helpful players hanging around to give advice and tips on how to play the game. As you discover the game, they will be discovering new stuff and most players are nice enough to stop and help.

Now, on top of growing up in a more mature gaming world, you will also be growing up in a much larger world than what was originally available to the veteran WoW players. Let’s go back to the stuff to do at level 60. While this is not a concern for the new player starting out, it is a valid selling point to start playing WoW. As mentioned, the level cap will be increased to 70 and many new areas will be added. Right away, new players will grow up in a much larger world with more and better things to do. Coupled with WoW’s faster leveling system, it is a great reason for those worried about becoming bored with WoW to join in the fun. As new players reach level 60+ (possible within a few months of casual play), they are going to find a world full of things to do. Worrying about lack of content will not occur for a much longer time than if you joined pre-expansion.

The Best is Getting Better

An expansion that offers the new player a great experience shared with veteran players is key to WoW’s success. It will go a long way to keeping new players interested for the long run. Eventually, you will run out of stuff to do, but that is a fact of finite content. As a new player, what you need to realize is that there is a larger world to be found, and there will be helpful veteran players there to help you along the way. The most popular MMORPG is only getting better, and the Burning Crusade expansion may just be the perfect chance for you non-WoW players to step on board.

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