Everything You Need To Know About Valorant Premier

everything you need to know about valorant premier

Valorant Premier is an exciting tournament format inside Valorant that allows you to team up with friends and compete against others in a structured and competitive environment. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about joining and succeeding in Valorant Premier.

What is Valorant Premier?

  • Valorant Premier is a tournament format that allows you to create a team of 5 players and compete against other teams.
  • You can invite 4 friends to form your team, then register in the Premier zone which is divided into East and West regions.
  • Each region has its own designated play times, typically between 7-9pm.
  • Based on your team’s competitive ranks, you’ll be placed into one of 20 divisions – with division 1 being the lowest skill level and division 20 being the highest skill level.

How Does Valorant Premier Work?

  • The tournament takes place over 4 weeks, each week featuring a different map and 3 days of play – Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Your team can play up to 2 games per week, spread out over the 3 days or played in one day.
  • Points are awarded per match: Wins get 100 points, losses get 25 points, and no-shows get 0 points.
  • After the 4 weeks, if your team has 375 points, you qualify for the tournament finals on August 13.

What Happens After You Qualify?

  • Once qualified, a tournament bracket is posted in the Premier hub showing your play time and opponent.
  • You can’t change your scheduled time once the tournament starts. Matches are single elimination format.
  • There can be unlimited winners per division per region, as brackets have 8 teams but a region can have 100,000+ teams.
  • Winning teams in each bracket get the division champion title, a gun buddy, and are declared the champions.

Key Things to Know About Valorant Premier

  • Ensure your availability for at least one of the Thurs/Sat/Sun play days and communicate schedules with your team.
  • You need to play a minimum of 6 games to be eligible to win. Even 3 wins and 3 losses will qualify you.
  • Once you hit the 375 point threshold, you don’t have to play more games. But play to gain points.
  • Opponents remain unknown until right before your scheduled bracket game.
  • There’s at least a 5 minute break between tournament games. More time if games run long.

Get your team ready for the exciting competition of Valorant Premier! With proper preparation and coordination, your team could become the next Valorant Premier champions. And check Riot FAQ if you have additional questions.

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