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Buy MW3 HRM-9 boost to unlock and level up the HRM-9 SMG in Modern Warfare 3 game quickly and efficiently. The HRM-9 was introduced in Season 1 update, ideally designed for players who favor an aggressive, run-and-gun playstyle.

Our professional CoD players will pilot your MW3 account and maximize your HRM-9 experience. We will unlock the weapon if you don’t already have it, level it up to max, unlock all attachments for the best loadouts, and progress through camo challenges – all in record time!


What You Will Get

Our HRM-9 carry includes:

🔹 HRM-9 SMG unlocked and leveled up to max

🔹 All HRM-9 attachments

🔹 The high kill-death ratio in matches

🔹 Progression for your Military level and battle pass

🔹 Chance to complete some daily and weekly challenges

🔹 Gilded and Forged Camo (optional)

Our professional Call of Duty experts will customize the boost experience to match your goals. Whether you want the weapon ASAP or aim to hit Prestige Master, we’ve got you covered!


How CoD MW3 HRM-9 Boosting Service Works

Ordering and completing a HRM-9 boost with Gamergod takes just a few easy steps:

1️⃣ Select your platform, current level, and any extra options

2️⃣ Place order and provide contact information

3️⃣ Our manager contacts you to confirm order details

4️⃣ A pro MW3 player pilots your account to complete the boost

5️⃣ Receive a notification when your boost is finished

6️⃣ Enjoy dominating enemies with your leveled-up HRM-9!

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team during any boost phase if you need help or have questions. We want your boosting experience to be smooth, efficient, and fun!


Service Requirements

To be eligible for our piloted method, you need an Activision account with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 purchased.


Additional Options

🔸 Stream

Add this option to monitor your HRM-9 boosting progress of your order on a private live stream. This option lets you watch in real-time as our pro MW3 players unlock and level up your HRM-9 for fantastic results.

🔸 HRM-9 Unlock Service

Don’t have the HRM-9 SMG yet? No problem! Choose HRM-9 unlock option during checkout, and our boosters will obtain the weapon for you in Modern Warfare 3 so you can start dominating matches sooner.

🔸 Unlock HRM-9 Gilded Camo

Take your HRM-9 weapon prestige to the next level with the vibrant, gold-tinted Gilded mastery camouflage.

mw3 hrm 9 gilded

🔸 Unlock HRM-9 Forged Camo

Forged is an intimidating jet-black animated camo in MW3 that is reserved for only the most dedicated gamers. Add Forged Camo unlocking to your HRM-9 order, and we’ll achieve this premium mastery camouflage quickly and efficiently.

mw3 hrm 9 forged


Why Choose GamerGod for HRM-9 Unlock & Leveling

Here’s why you should choose Gamergod for all your Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 HRM-9 weapon leveling needs:

✅ Flawless Safety Record: Our rigorous account security protocols keep your profile safe every step of the boosting process for complete peace of mind.

✅ Lightning Fast Speed: Our pros leverage the most efficient leveling gameplay techniques to unlock your HRM-9 from scratch and max it out in record time.

✅ Round-the-Clock Support: Friendly, knowledgeable support reps are available 24/7 via live chat, email, and phone if any questions pop up.

✅ Vast MW3 Experience: With thousands of successful boosts completed, our talented team knows MW3 inside and out for optimal results.

✅ Satisfaction Guarantee: If your expectations aren’t met for any reason, we will optimize the service until you’re delighted – guaranteed!


mw3 hrm 9 weapon


🔸 How to Unlock the HRM-9 in MW3?

In order to access the classified A21 Sector of the Battle Pass and obtain the HRM-9 submachine gun, users must complete several challenges. The final challenge unlocking the HRM-9 will only become available after finishing all of the prerequisites detailed below.

  • JAK Thunder LMG Kit: Get 10 kills on Operators or special Zombies while aiming down sights with a submachine gun
  • JAK BFB: Get 10 hipfire kills on Operators or special Zombies using submachine guns
  • Cranium Cracked emblem: Get 10 headshot or critical kills on Operators or special Zombies using submachine guns
  • 30 minutes double XP: Get 10 kills on Operators or special Zombies using the Tactical Stance ability with submachine guns
  • HRM-9: Get 20 kills on moving Operators or special Zombies using submachine guns


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