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Buy MWZ Scorcher boost to unlock the powerful wonder weapon. Our service is ready to assist players in swiftly locating and extracting the necessary blueprint on the MWZ map, which is essential for unlocking this powerful Scorcher weapon.

Our team at GamerGod, with extensive expertise in Zombie weapon unlocks, employs effective strategies to unlock Scorcher schematic. By engaging in numerous zombie matches, our boosters are dedicated to unlocking this weapon for you, leveraging their deep understanding of schematic acquisition techniques.

What You Will Get

🔹 Receive the Scorcher weapon cases or schematic as desired.

🔹 Acquisition of additional schematics and valuable drops.

🔹 Enhancement in weapons XP and progression in Zombies camo.

🔹 Opportunity to outfit your character with top-tier equipment.

🔹 Gain account-level experience throughout the service.

Service Requirements

✅ Access to Call of Duty Modern Warfare Zombies is required on your account to avail of this service.

Estimated Time of Arrival

The expected time frame for Scorcher carry service ranges between 12 to 24 hours following the commencement of the service.

How Does MWZ Scorcher Boosting Service Works

1️⃣ Decide on the number of cases and any additional options.

2️⃣ Complete the transaction and provide your contact details.

3️⃣ Our booster will connect with you within 10 minutes to plan the boost.

4️⃣ We commence unlocking process promptly.

5️⃣ Choose to live stream the progress on your gaming platform.

6️⃣ Receive The Scorcher and other rewards, marking the end of the service.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries before purchasing the service. Our gaming experts are readily available via live chat or Discord, 24/7. We’re here to assist with any questions or to provide a custom service tailored to your needs.

Our Modern Warfare Zombies Scorcher unlock service is accessible on PC, PS, and XBOX, specifically for Modern Warfare 3 Zombie mode.


🔸 What Is The Scorcher In Cod MWZ?

The Scorcher is a high-powered Wonder Weapon in MWZ, ideal for annihilating zombie hordes and elite bosses with its potent laser.

🔸 How To Get The Scorcher In MWZ?

Options include:

  • Utilizing the Mystery Box.
  • Clearing Aether Nests.
  • Defeating the Mega Abomination in Tier 3 Zone.
  • Completing Dark Aether Rifts.

Remember, acquiring the Scorcher involves a degree of RNG.

🔸 How To Craft The Scorcher In MWZ?

Obtain the schematic, primarily dropped by the Mega Abomination in Tier 3 Zone, to permanently add the powerful Scorcher to your arsenal. Note the 48-hour cooldown on the schematic.

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