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With each new World of Warcraft Expansion, the maximum level limit of characters is increased. The game starts all over again, and this is the pimary reason to buy a WoW leveling boost! Players want to immediately catch up and enter the end-game content: the part of the game that begins at max-level, at level 60. When World of Warcraft was released for the first time, characters were limited to level 60. Eight expansions later, the level cap in Battle for Azeroth is level 120, and finally back to level 60 in Shadowlands due to a level squish. Although Shadowlands is completely new, the new and improved scaling brings back a memorable feeling of World of Warcraft. And in Dragonflight lvl cap is 70.


Level 70 is now the new cap in Dragonflight. A leveling boost from 60 to 70 will let you save time. Even if the time required is not excessively long, there is an undeniable amount of grinding and repetitive questing that we can take care of instead of you.
The biggest reason why a WoW Dragonflight Leveling Boost can be useful is the completion of the main storylines, which are necessary to enjoy end game content.


The most popular option will be to select a leveling boost all the way to max level, to level 70. At Gamergod, all farming services, including leveling, and other services like honor farming, are Account Sharing services. This means that you allow a booster to access your account so he can boost your character for you.
Even if we generally encourage Selfplay services, it is very difficult to have issues with a leveling boost to 70.

Once you buy your boost with all its options we will get in touch on Discord. You can join our server, and we’ll contact you, or you could send us a friend request directly. We will exchange information and coordinate with you at what time it suits you best for our booster to perform the service you asked for. Once we have established contact with you, you can go on playing on your account until the boost starts. Bear in mind that the sooner and the longer you allow our booster access, the faster they can be done. You can contact us via direct chat on our website or discord at any time if you have questions about the status of your order or anything else. We are online 24/7!

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