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What you get

  • Chosen number of placement matches
  • Rewards for specific ranks (when the season ends)
  • XP for your account and battle pass
  • Apex Packs with rare items
  • Increased K/D/A and other stats

About the service

The service is created to help beginners start their journey to ranked mode. It also works for more experienced players who want to start a new season with a higher rank. The Apex Legends Provisional Games will help you to get into a higher division than expected. Our boosters will complete the chosen number of placement matches with the best win rate. This service is essential for a good start.

Apex Legends Provisional Matches

Provisional matches are the first 10 games in the ranked. A player gets his placement in the ranked after finishing them. The placement is determined by the number of wins in the matches. The more wins a player has, the higher his division is. It’s easier to start with a higher rank than farming ranked points afterward. Playing provisional matches with random teammates is unsafe. Random people can go AFK or just ruin your game. This boosting service can protect you from such situations.

Benefits of the service

Completing provisional matches with a good win rate will help you to climb up the ranked ladder. You will get all the associated rewards. Your account and battle pass will receive XP. Seasonal rewards for a specific rank are another benefit of the service. Your K/D/A statistics will be increased, too.


There are various options for Apex Legends Provisional Games. You select the desired number of matches to complete. It is from one to ten matches. Another option is the method of providing the service. You can play in a party with our professional boosters. They’ll do most of the job but you’ll need to listen to their guidelines. This method is called self–play. Or you choose the piloted method and chill. All the matches will be completed without your participation.

Why you need this service

Apex Legends Provisional Matches will define your division in the current season. You can’t rely on random players in this matter. It’s hard to communicate with them. Don’t waste nerves and time. Strangers don’t care about your placement, but we do. Our goal is to provide the service at its best. That is why we hire skilled and trustful boosters who perform everything manually without exploits. You can learn different things from observing them play. There’s no need to test your luck. Purchasing the service will guarantee you a deserved placement in the ranked.


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